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The Art of Dating in the 21st Century

Statistically, many Christians have stayed on dating websites for years, never finding their mate. Factors such as age limitation, fear of imperfection, and pickiness about height, have played a major part. Be exploratory in your discovery, and grasp lightly the boxes you ticked. I might love a man with money and a six-pack, but one filled with kindness, character and wisdom holds greater longevity for me.

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There is a difference between finding a boyfriend and finding a spouse. Beware of what your list is gunning for. Despite the plethora of choice in cyberspace, use your relationship with God to confer and think carefully as to whom you want to place time and conversation, one person at a time.

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This echoes an ease with intimacy. We have complicated dating as much as we have complicated the Gospel with our own fear, past experience or hopelessness. Dating can be a delectable choice on the menu, but much of the enjoyment is up to us—what we think, how we act, and what we do that will make it as delightful as it as meant to be.

Taking ownership over our own decorum sets us back to a good start, and a brighter tomorrow. In my early 20s, I broke up with a boyfriend after two and a half years of dating, and I remember being so nervous about starting over as a single woman.


Again, just be wary of overdoing it. Just be patient and get to know the person more before deciding on anything. Believe it or not, some couples force their relationship to keep up appearances. Ladbrokes reported that the winning couple in Love Island broke up the same year as they finished their season.

5 Modern Tips For Christian Dating In The 21st Century | Match

The same goes for the runners-up in that same season. It also shows you have interest in her that goes beyond email. A lot of the dating online tips out there never mention just how to use online dating sites. Some men will hardly ever glance at it and get nowhere , while others will spend hours scanning every profile and trying to compose perfect messages and waste a ton of time.

Figure out what you’re looking for

To get the most out of online dating use it consistently yet briefly. Look to spend just 15 minutes a day with it and message just girls in that time. Online dating tips —although helpful — can only take a guy so far.

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